Who are we?

Frannie and Crispy met in 2007 and within 6 weeks of knowing each other, they packed everything they owned into a car, (including their 2 new motorbikes on a trailer) and they moved to the other side of the country together. Now that they had found each other they had some big dreams – to get out of debt, travel and in the future settle down and start a family.

Fast forward a few years (and a return to their home state, Victoria), they had bought their first home in Clifton Springs near Geelong, and gotten married. With Chris having done a lot of travel in his single days, Frannie’s one regret was that she felt she had missed out on that before reaching the age at which one settles down.

Both Frannie and Crispy have had several different careers over the years, but in recent times have both started their own businesses. Frannie (38) is a Driving Instructor and Chris (41) is an Electrician and they both really love that they have businesses that service their local community. Whilst being a massive challenge, both discovered what they were capable of when they were willing to take a bit of a risk. And the lifestyle rewards of being their own bosses was very eye opening!

After trying to start a family and then going down the long, expensive and very painful path of discovering they didn’t seem to be able to have children together, they had to reassess those dreams of what they wanted from their lives together. If they didn’t need to ‘settle’, why would they? Travel seemed the logical solution!

This challenging time also brought them their beautiful furbaby Bella who in tough times can always bring a smile to their faces. Bella was a 9 month old pound puppy, an American Staffy cross Labrador, surrendered as her previous owners had to move somewhere they couldn’t take a dog. She sure has landed on her feet though and is very much the missing piece of their family unit.

However, having a pet that they couldn’t bare to leave behind meant they were limited in where they could travel. Overseas travel is prohibitively difficult and expensive with a pet so they decided that travelling Australia was the best option for them for now.

Currently they are both still working full-time while they are researching and preparing for their big trip. Follow them on their adventure as they face fears and financial hurdles, learn about their van and 4wd set up, and just generally get ready to take the biggest step towards a life less ‘normal’.