Frannie, Crispy and Bella have a ‘Grand Plan’ to set off on a long term working holiday around Australia; freedom camping, travelling slowly and frugally and learning to live a life less ‘normal’.

While researching our trip we noticed that a lot of information is aimed at the ‘Grey Nomads’, retiree travellers, and not yet being ‘grey’ we decided to share our journey with you, including our preparations for travel, the financial steps needed, the things we are learning about travelling with a pet, and setting ourselves up to work while we travel.

We are also learning a lot about ourselves, our dreams and expectations, our hopes and fears, and the challenges this undertaking has us facing.

Just because not everyone does it, doesn‘t mean it can’t be done!

Why Wait? Follow us on our journey as we embark on our Grand Plan…

From the Beginning…

Happy Bella at Inverloch

Where do we begin?

We are Frannie, Crispy and our 'furbaby' Bella and we have a vision, a 'Grand Plan' and we are on our way to making it happen... We began with a dream. I plotted and schemed and tossed that dream around in my mind endlessly, trying to flesh it out. We needed a plan, not just a dream! A goal is just a dream until you actually work out what steps you need to take to make it happen...

Most Recent…

How on earth can they afford that?

We discovered that while we had let our attention wander from the plan we had, in fact, set ourselves back in our progress. So we had to restrategize, re budget and rethink where we were spending our money to get back on track.
What kind of RV are you? How to choose a Caravan or Camper that suits your travelling style.

What kind of RV are you?

Van-packer, Long-term Nomad, Weekend Warrior, Off-Road adventurer - 5 Questions to Help you find the right RV for you. You've heard of shoe porn, right? Well, I have a problem... I can't stop looking at Caravans! Over the last 12 months, I have looked at thousands of vans online, made several visits to the local caravan sales yards and wandered endlessly through a variety of van shows. All in the name of finding our perfect match.
Is stuff holding you back from travelling #travel #planning

Is 'Stuff' holding you back from travelling?

Is having that ‘thing’ stopping you from setting off on your dream trip? There are always going to be things that come up on the road, and part of our plan is to make sure we are as prepared as possible for these outcomes before we go, but if you let all the “what if’s...” hold you back you might never go, right?

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